There are three stages in typical wicker furniture production. Rattan is used here as the example:

1) FRAMING: Large, broom-handle-sized rattan pole is steamed and bent into the desired shape using a jig or mold. Once dry, these formed pieces are assembled to make the frame. All wicker furniture frames from Pier 1 are first nailed or screwed together and then may be wrapped with rattan peel, which adds both strength and a decorative element.

2) WEAVING: Done completely by hand, weaving takes from one to four days, depending on the type and complexity of the piece. The tighter the weave, the more time needed and the costlier the process. Rattan strips are attached and woven over the frame in an open (spaced) or closed (tight) weave.

3) FINISHING: Every piece of wicker furniture crafted features a minimum of seven finishing steps:

Deburring (rattan ends are burned off for a smooth feel)


Applying first color coat


Applying second color coat



What makes our wicker better than others? In addition to the above steps, we also go the extra mile, exceeding industry standards to produce the best quality wicker furniture possible:

Only large, sturdy rattan strands are used.

Rattan is bleached prior to construction to ensure even color.

Paint is evenly applied to each piece, which is then sanded and lacquered for a smooth, consistent finish.

Each piece is painted or stained completely, including backs and bottoms.

Each piece is reinforced with cross-bracing for maximum stability.